James Horner Art
James Horner is a painter who lives in New York City. His colorful expressionistic paintings explore the psychological effects of the environment on individuals. Figures are often abstracted to the point of the grotesque and overwhelmed or torn apart by their surroundings. Shapes interact with figures in space as lines connect atmospheres in different directions, creating islands with systems of thought.

Horner communicates his viewpoint thorough a unique style of painting, which samples from traditional and contemporary abstract/expressionist and surrealist styles of artwork. A collage of layered thicknesses of acrylic paint and mediums are piled up and scratched out to build a dynamic surface for light to play on. The foreground and background are pushed and pulled with a battle that erupts between bright colors, muddied hues allowing the eye to move around the surface.

Horner has an MFA in painting from Lehman College. He has exhibited nationally and internationally in group shows; regularly donates work for charity art auctions, such as the Bellport Boys and Girls Club Beach Ball and the Housingworks Design on a Dime; and participates in the annual Harlem Art Walking Tour of open studios. He is also an art critic for the Examiner and Bronx Art Guide websites and writes a blog called James and the Lovelies.
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